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Posted by admin on 2006/12/8 10:51:00 (882 reads)

The Turkmen authorities have declared the December 3 local elections a resounding success, saying they met international electoral standards. NBCentralAsia commentators cast doubt on this claim, saying the ballot did not offer voters a real choice.

These elections were the first time a choice of candidates was on offer for district- and municipal-level councils. Officials said turnout was 97 per cent. Similar multi-candidate elections were held for the gengeshes, the lowest tier of elected councils, on July 23 this year. This new style of election is underpinned by a law passed last year.

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Posted by admin on 2006/12/4 23:39:00 (936 reads)

Although the Turkmen government insists that protecting children is a priority, NBCentralAsia analysts say their basic rights are ignored and child labour is actively encouraged.

At a November 28 round-table meeting held to mark the 60th anniversary of the United Nations Children’s Fund, UNICEF, Turkmen officials said “the conditions are in place for our youngest citizens to have a full and happy life and to develop in harmony”.

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Posted by admin on 2006/11/27 20:17:00 (1274 reads)

I spent only 18 hours in the "Land of Eternal Sunshine," but it almost blinded me.

"Turkmenistan has about 260 days of sunshine every year," our tour guide beamed, as German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier's motorcade sped from the airport to the government quarter in Ashgabat, the capital.

Accompanying Steinmeier on a trip through Central Asia, I caught a rare glimpse into a secretive country that human rights groups assail as one of the world's most repressive states.

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Posted by admin on 2006/11/25 8:14:00 (926 reads)

Every time Turkmenistan’s agricultural sector suffers some upset, officials get sacked. As NBCentralAsia commentators point out, these purges may serve the purpose of retribution, but they do little to improve matters on the ground.

The country’s official news agency reports that a special cabinet meeting chaired by President Saparmurat Niazov on November 24 is expected to discuss serious failings that were revealed when checks were carried out on the progress of the grain harvest.

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Posted by admin on 2006/11/22 21:56:00 (891 reads)

The authorities in Turkmenistan say the process of nominating multiple candidates for local elections has been completed successfully, and that campaigning is attracting a lot of public interest. NBCentralAsia commentators say that in reality, voters know little about either the forthcoming ballot or the candidates themselves, who have been handpicked for their loyalty to the regime.

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Posted by admin on 2006/11/18 10:13:00 (984 reads)

As plans move ahead to set up a United Nations-sponsored Regional Centre of Preventive Diplomacy in Ashgabat, NBCentralAsia political commentators are questioning whether the totalitarian regime in Turkmenistan is best placed to manage conflict prevention.

In an October address to the UN General Assembly, South Korean foreign minister Ban Ki-moon, who takes over as UN Secretary-General in 2007, urged member states to set a date for opening the preventive diplomacy centre, saying it would cost little and bring immense benefits.

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Posted by admin on 2006/11/18 10:11:00 (1985 reads)

One of the main responsibilities of the deputy of Turkmenistan’s Trade Minister and Consumers’ Cooperation is searching for pretty young Turkmen girls and hiring them as waitresses though in practice the girls will have to render totally different services.

Naturally, a deputy minister does not personally run across the country in search of potential waitresses. This work is being done by his subordinates in the organizations under this Ministry.
In reality, the girls who are found and approved for waitresses positions will have to satisfy the sexual needs of high-ranking guests from Iran, Turkey, the Arab Emirates and other states.
The information used for this article was collected over a long period of time, so we will start with the history.

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Posted by admin on 2006/11/6 15:09:00 (971 reads)

ASHGABAT, Turkmenistan (AP)--Germany's foreign minister said he disagreed with Turkmenistan's autocratic leader about the country's progress on human rights and the rule of law during what he said were extensive talks Thursday.

Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier met with Saparmurat Niyazov at the golden-domed presidential palace.

"Where we have differences is in the assessment of rule of law and democracy in this country," Steinmeier told reporters. "We are in fact of the opinion that the difficult path trod by the Central Asian states since independence has gone differently, but here in Turkmenistan has been traveled too slowly."

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Posted by admin on 2006/11/4 21:22:00 (902 reads)

Residents of Karadamak on the southern outskirts of Ashgabat have been protesting, albeit with little public furore, against the construction of a high-rise apartment block on top of a cemetery where their relatives are buried.

According to one resident, the situation has been developing over the last month. In a bid to stop the construction work going ahead, representatives of Karadamak’s council of elders went to see the mayor of Ashgabat, but were told that the authorities were acting legally and would press ahead with the project.

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Posted by admin on 2006/11/4 14:22:00 (949 reads)

According to the Turkmen government, the country is in the throes of a constitutional reform that will make the electoral process more democratic. But the changes are illusory and election candidates will continue to be hand-picked for their loyalty to the regime.

On October 25, the head of the country’s Central Electoral Committee, Murad Karryev, told a meeting of the Halk Maslahaty, a national-level assembly assigned more powers than the normal parliament or Majlis, that that constitutional reform was proceeding successfully, its aim being to create “popular rule” by allowing pluralist elections to local councils. Karryev said the reform emerged out of the July 23 elections to the lowest tier of council or “gengesh”, in which multiple candidates were allowed to stand for seats.

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