Sandra de Blois appeal to Saparmurat Niyazov for help.

Date 2005/3/12 15:19:00 | Topic: Letters

March 11, 2005

Prezident Turkmenistana Saparmurad A. Niyazov
Apparat Prezidenta

Your Excellency President Niyazov,

I am an Akhal Teke breeder in British Columbia, Canada. I have dedicated my life to introduce and promote this extraordinary horse breed to Canadians. It is my sincere wish that one day I can perhaps visit the Presidential Stables to view your horses who I have heard are some of the most beautiful specimens in the entire world. It would be wonderful for me to see Piyada and Yanardag, both of whom have already adorned several paintings and photos.

You have acquired, Your Excellency, a reputation at the international level for not only having a profound affection for Akhal Tekes but also for your immeasurable contribution towards the preservation and promotion of these unique horses. Your generosity in gifting noble Akhal Teke horses to other heads of state clearly illustrates the pride that you feel for these horses. I hope that my humble efforts to breed and promote Akhal Teke horses in Canada will be fruitful. We already had success last year with one of our Akhal Teke, a beautiful filly from the El line named “Almaty”. She won first place and reserve champion at a large exhibition. In addition to educating the Canadian equestrian community about Akhal Tekes, I take great pride in introducing Canadians to the Akhal Teke’s homeland. This great, ancient land that is Turkmenistan never fails to intrigue my audience. Truly, I sincerely hope that one day I can visit your great homeland. I do not think that books can do its splendor justice.

Another Turkmen breeder for whom I have great respect is M. Geldy Kyarizov. M. Kyarizov has demonstrated a wealth of knowledge about Akhal Teke horses. I have heard through the international community of Akhal Teke breeders that M. Kyarizov has been imprisoned for some time now and that his health is extremely poor. I do not wish, Your Excellency, to be disrespectful and ask you why M. Kyarizov is in prison. I am from Canada, and as you probably know, Canada is highly regarded worldwide as a peaceful and neutral nation. Canada does not disrespectfully probe into the affairs of other nations. After careful consideration, I have decided to write to you personally to present an offer. I am in great hope that you will see a value in this offer. I am respectfully asking that you exercise your power of Presidential pardon for M. Kyarizov, perhaps on the grounds that he is a gravely ill man who has served his country and Akhal Teke horses in the past with great fervor. Perhaps the National Day of the Horse could be an opportunity to exercise your Presidential pardon for M. Kyarizov. I can assure Your Excellency that this pardon would be regarded by the international Akhal Teke community as a great gesture of affection for the Akhal Tekes because it would show that you wisely see the benefits of making available the skills and knowledge of M. Kyarizov. Your Excellency, I hope that I have not offended you by presenting you with this proposition. Such was not my intent. I humbly implore you to give it consideration.

With immense respect,

Sandra de Blois, Ph.D.

Lone Larch Akhal Tekes



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