Registration documents of the Turkmen Helsinki Foundation


Varna, 18.07.2003

In the name of people.

The district court of Varna at its closed meeting dated 18.07.2003 in the presence of district judge N.Damyanova

Having considered the case No. 2005 of the year 2003 list reported by the judge, bears in mind the following:

An application from the Governing Body of the newly-formed non-profit organisation “Turkmen Helsinki Foundation” based in Varna has been received to insert it into the registration book of non-profit legal entities of the district court of Varna.

According to the Law the following documents have been produced:

Protocol of the constituent assembly with the decision about the creation of the society; the Statute containing rules ordered according to the article 20 of the Law on non-profit legal entities; copies of personal documents of the Governing Body’s members; certificate of the title uniquity; certified list of signatures of persons presenting the society. 

Goals and tasks of the society do not contradict Laws of the Republic of Bulgaria. Taking into account  presented evidences the court considers the application to be motivated and in accordance with and on the base of article 18, clause 1 ÇÞËÍÖ and Rules  ¹14/1991 of the Ministry of Justice on conducting and reserving in the registration book,


To insert into the register  ¹ 5 of non-profit legal entities, based in district court of Varna non-profit society “Turkmen Helsinki Foundation”

Place: Varna
Address: 61 Primorskiy boulevard
Term: - the society has been constituted for an unlimited period of time.

Objectives of THF:
1. To organise systematic monitoring of the human rights situation in Turkmenistan and abroad.
2. To prepare reports on the human rights situation and to circulate them in the country and abroad.
3. To prepare, translate and distribute materials related to the theory and practice of human rights.
4. To organise conferences, seminars, public actions and other legitimate forms of civic activity, related to the protection of human rights.
5. To protect the rights of individual natural persons and legal entities on the territory of the Turkmenistan and abroad                                                                

Ways of objectives achievement:

1. Organising and maintaining contacts and interaction with legal entities and natural persons in Turkmenistan  and abroad;
2. Organising fact-finding missions, signal networks and other means of monitoring the human rights situation in Turkmenistan  and abroad;
3. Maintaining a data base;
4. Collecting information about international and domestic legislation, case law and other practice in the sphere of human rights;
5. Using all legal means to assist natural persons and organisations on the territory of the Turkmenistan  and abroad.

Management Bodies:

The supreme collective body of THF is the General meeting held according to rules of the article 26.

The Governing Board shall consist of five to seven members and shall be elected for a period of five years.


Candidate gives a written application to the Governing Board declaring that he/she has examined the Statute. Candidates-legal entities produce an application with their registration documents and a decision of the governing body of the legal entity on membership in another legal entity. Members shall be admitted by the Governing Board with a majority of two-thirds of those attending. Membership starts from the date of the Governing Board’s decision.

Ceasing of the membership.

1.By submitting a written application to that effect to the Governing Board from the day of submittal of the written application.
2.In case of death or activity prohibition;
3.In case of expulsion-by the Governing Board decision if the Statute and interests of the entity are violated systematically and rudely and membership fees are not paid constantly 5 times.

4.Cessation of the legal entity-member of THF.

Regulation of property relations under the membership cessation


Under the membership cessation property relations between the former member or his assignee and the legal entity are regulated after the adoption of the annual financial report by the General meeting. In case of floating debt of the former member to the legal entity a deduction is made.

The decision should be inserted according to ÃÏÊ rules.

The decision is final and is not allowed for an appeal. 

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